Perfectly packaged to complete our range of excursions, Nicanto offers to their guests another great solution which is to split your favourite excursion half by sea with our exclusive boat charter services and half by land with our private limousine service. The mystique and the luxury of our boat ride will be combined with our exclusive limousine service in order to give you the possibility to visit surroundings unreachable by boat, such as Ravello, Pompei and Ercolano.
This solution can be the best way for anyone who doesn't want to be limited to the freedom of a boat.
Same as all our services, this is another fully customizable private excursion. Customers can decide to start with limousine or with boat from wherever they like and continue by boat or by car from wherever they choose.
Customers will be guided between the same beauties as all our private boat excursions, but adding the possibility to experience also Amalfi coast and Sorrento Peninsula by land.

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